Land Title Surveying

At WWJ, our land title surveys are the most detailed land surveys available in Northeast Texas. Our land title survey services provide you and your team with a clear understanding of ownership lines, easements, rights-of-way, and more. Many lenders, title companies, and insurance companies rely on RPLS land title surveys during major purchases due to the incredible detail they provide to identify any potential issues with properties before closing.

Construction Surveying

If you need a construction survey for your building project, highway construction, bridge construction, or other projects, rely on the expertise of the WWJ Surveying team. Before you begin construction, it’s critical to determine the features of the surrounding land that could have an impact on your construction project. Our construction surveying services provide your team with crucial guidance at every point in the construction process to ensure a smooth path to project completion.

Boundary Surveying

Need to determine exact property lines and corners for your residential or rural property in Northeast Texas? At WWJ, we specialize in the preparation and fieldwork that goes into a proper boundary survey for our clients. We’ll go to calculated corners of your property and set or restore markers to establish accurate property lines so you can understand the true dimensions of your property for real estate purposes, construction projects, land development, or otherwise. Entrust your next boundary survey in Northeast Texas to the professionals at Walker Warren & Jordan Surveying.

Elevation Certificates

Elevation certificates are important tools for understanding floodplain management ordinances in a specific community and to determine flood insurance eligibility. At Walker Warren & Jordan Surveying, our licensed surveyors provide the comprehensive information commercial and residential property owners need to determine if their properties are situated in flood zones, ensuring they are financially protected against the threat of natural disasters in the future.

Subdivision Design & Development

Depending on the specifics of your subdivision project, the ways by which you divide land may trigger a range of local regulations that the owners of the property must adhere to. As professional subdivision development survey experts, the Walker Warren & Jordan RPLS Surveying team understands the many regulations and ordinances that subdivisions deal with and can help developers put together solid plans for successful projects.

48 Hour Turnaround Service

Does your residential or commercial land development or construction project need land surveying work done as quickly as possible? We proudly offer a convenient 48 hour turnaround service for when the typical two or three-week surveying and mapping process simply won’t work. This rapidly delivered service ensures you can get the most accurate survey data within 48 hours, enabling you to complete the most time-sensitive projects with ease. For more information on our 48 hour turnaround services for surveying and mapping in the Tyler to Dallas TX areas, contact our team today.